Things to Do in Willcox, Arizona

Willcox, Arizona, is located in the Sulphur Springs Valley, a flat drainage basin that is dotted with seasonal lakes. The city is also surrounded by two mountain ranges, the Chiricahua Mountains and the Pinaleo Mountains. Visitors will enjoy exploring the area’s unique natural beauty.

Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum

The Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum is located in Willcox, Arizona. It was established in 1989. Its mission is to provide a place to learn about the life and times of the cowboy. The museum celebrates the life of the cowboy, from his childhood to his later days in the spotlight.

The museum is located at 150 N. Railroad Ave. and pays tribute to the late Rex Allen, who starred in many western movies. In addition to his starring roles in films, television and radio shows, Rex also served as the voice of over 150 Disney characters. The museum features an iconic bronze statue of Rex Allen.

Another feature of the museum is its Cowboy Hall of Fame. Honorees of the Hall of Fame include long-time ranchers from the Willcox area. In the 1930s, Willcox became the largest railroad shipping point for cattle, earning the town the title of Cattle Capital of the World. Today, there are about 300 commercial cattle ranches in the Cochise County area. Approximately 18% of the state’s livestock grazes in this region.

The museum also features a Rex Allen statue and a gift shop where fans can purchase souvenirs. The gift shop includes many items that reflect Rex Allen’s life and legacy. A statue dedicated to the legendary cowboy was created in 1991 by artist Buck McCain. It was dedicated on July 4, 1991.

Willcox Arizona History Museum

The Willcox Arizona History Museum is an excellent place for locals to visit and learn about the history of the region. It’s located in a historic home from the 1880s, the home of local businessman Pablo Soto, who helped establish the town’s first bank. He even let anyone make deposits. Today, the museum offers a variety of educational programs for visitors.

If you’re a wine lover, the Willcox Winery and Gallery is a great place to sample the local wines. There’s a gift shop where you can purchase a bottle, or you can taste over a dozen wines in the tasting room. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant, which features a tapas menu, gourmet meat trays, and flatbread pizza.

Willcox is also home to the Willcox Theater, which has provided entertainment for the community for over 100 years. The building is a mix of traditional southwest architecture and the art deco movement. Today, the Willcox is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and digital projection. Visitors can also enjoy a film showing at the Willcox Theater’s dining room or view artworks in the small art gallery.

Willcox began as a cow town and was once referred to as the “Cattle Capital of the Nation”. The cattle industry is still a big part of the economy, and the town holds an annual livestock auction every year. Row crops are also an important part of the town’s economy. Today, Willcox is also home to two hydroponic tomato green houses.

For the history-minded traveler, there are several museums to visit in Willcox. Among them is the Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum, which is dedicated to the late Arizona cowboy. Moreover, the town has many antique stores, specialty stores, and locally-owned restaurants.

La Unica Restaurant & Tortilleria

If you’re in the mood for some Mexican cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. This Mexican restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to traditional Mexican dishes, the menu also includes Tex-Mex style meals like smoked BBQ and brisket, as well as burgers and hot dogs. The staff is friendly and efficient, and prices are reasonable. The restaurant also offers takeout and delivery.

Art Deco 2-screen movie theater

The Metro Theater in New York’s Upper West Side has sat vacant for seventeen years. Various tenants have tried to take over the 82-year-old Art Deco theater, but none have been successful. Owner Norman Barr said the theater simply could not compete with the newer, larger theaters.

Art Deco theaters were built to capture the excitement of the new Hollywood cinema industry. They were constructed during the 1920s and 1930s during a time of affluence and the Suffragist Movement. These movie palaces often boasted technological marvels, such as elevators and parking, and they were a respite from the bustle of the city. They were also decorated in the opulence of the Deco era.

Flying Leap Vineyards

If you’re an oenophile, you’re going to love the Willcox area. This once-boomtown was a center of cotton and cattle, but since the economy has been slowing, the city has looked for a new industry to help sustain itself. At first, it was ostrich farms, but now it’s wine. There are plenty of vineyards in the area, and you can find plenty of tasting rooms downtown.

The tasting rooms are staffed by sommeliers who are knowledgeable about the wines. You can choose from wines produced by the vineyard, which are mainly made from Spanish-style grapes. The wines at Flying Leap are excellent, and you’ll have an opportunity to purchase some to take home and enjoy.

The vineyard’s wine tasting room is housed in a restored 1917 Willcox Bank and Trust Building. It features original wood flooring and pressed-tin ceilings. A tasting here makes for a memorable visit. And if you like wine, you can enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants.

The winery’s wine tasting room is decorated with fine art by local artists. The Willcox location features works by Cochise County artists, while the Bisbee location will showcase the art of Miami-based artist Sri Prabha. The art pieces sold in the galleries are typically priced between $1,000 and ten thousand dollars. The vineyard’s mission is to promote the local viticulture and produce high-quality, small-batch wines.

The Willcox area is a prime wine-producing region in Arizona. The area is home to Coronado and Flying Leap Vineyards, and the Willcox Wine Festival is held twice a year. The region is also home to Apple Annie’s Orchard, where you can buy seasonal produce by the pound.