The Best Way to Organize Walk in Closets

There are several tips and tricks you can try to organize your walk in closets. One of them is to create labels on each item. Adding labels will help you learn a new organizational habit. Lastly, you can also use the KonMari method.

Organized Living’s KonMari method

Organizing a walk-in closet is not the same as tidying the rest of your house. Firstly, you need to determine your ideal lifestyle and what you really need to keep. You’ll then need to sort your items into “keep” and “discard” piles. After sorting through the items, you’ll have much more space to move around in.

The KonMari method works by organizing items in a certain order. For example, you’ll start with clothes and move on to sentimental items. The method is based on the idea of finding joy in items, and discarding those that don’t. It also promotes decision-making skills.

To start, Marie Kondo recommends using shoe boxes as drawer dividers. You can use a smaller shoebox to store scarves, and a deeper one for sweaters. This method will make your clothes easier to find, and you’ll enjoy looking in your closet.

Storage baskets

You can store small items and miscellaneous items in storage baskets or bins. Place them in a corner where they won’t take up floor space and label them according to what’s inside. Storage bins come in various sizes and are also stackable and nestable.

You can choose baskets or bins that coordinate with the rest of your closet and label them with the contents so that you can find them easily. When hanging up bins, use sturdy hooks or removable hooks. A removable hook is better because it can bear different weights.

Before you begin your walk-in closet organization project, you should clear the floor space. Make sure the floor is free of shoes and other debris. If you don’t do this, you may end up tripping on your shoes and other items. You can purchase storage baskets that come with wheels, which will make the job easier. You can also use vertical storage to hang your shoes and pants.

Large purses and totes can take up valuable closet space. Hang them on inside door hooks. You can use the inside for swimsuits and miscellaneous accessories. You can also add a coat rack to your closet for the winter season. You can attach it near the entry or bedroom.


One of the best ways to organize your walk-in closet is with cabinets. You can get creative and introduce new storage ideas like vertical shelving. These units are useful for storing items that are difficult to reach, such as out-of-season clothes. In addition to that, they help you develop new organization habits.

To begin, clear the space. Remove everything from the closet and clean the floors and shelving. Also, consider using nightstands or bookshelves with cubbies as a place to put shoes and other accessories. This way, you can save space while using existing furniture.

Custom cabinets are another great option. You can have multiple levels of shelving, and even choose the size and shape of each shelf. This way, you can use the top shelf to hold specialty items, and the lower shelves for more seasonal items. You can also add custom lighting, to make the closet look more attractive and functional.

Adding labels

Adding labels to walk in closets is a great way to help keep things organized. Putting labels on your closets will make it easier for you to find the things you’re looking for. This will also help you keep the rest of the family in the loop. You can even label your pantry to make it easier to find what you need there.

Walk in closets are not always easy to organize. This is because they tend to be cluttered with shoes and clothes. If you’re not careful, you could end up tripping on your shoes. A better solution is to use open-top containers. These can include wire bins, baskets, cardboard boxes, clear plastic tubs, and milk crates.

Another good way to label items is by using bin clip labels. These are great for food and pantry items, as they can easily be wiped off. They also come with a small clip that lets you attach them to the front of any bin. The bin clip labels are also great for shelves where you can’t see through them.

Using hanging space

When it comes to organizing walk in closets, using hanging space can be an effective way to maximize your closet’s storage space. Most people don’t use the vertical space in their closet, so using hooks or shelves can help you maximize your space. Also, consider using velvet hangers, which can double as additional hanging space.

In general, your closet should be at least six feet wide. If it’s smaller than that, you can’t use all of the space to hang your clothes. Not only will you run out of walking space, but you won’t have enough room to bend over or reach up. However, if your walk in closet is five feet wide, you can use the hanging space on one long wall and shallow shelves on the other.

Before organizing your walk-in closet, take inventory of the items you need to keep. Sort your clothes into groups, and hang them accordingly. You can also add shelves for extra storage space. To make the most out of the vertical space in your closet, choose a double-rod closet organizer. These organizers have an upper bar and a lower bar, and allow you to hang your clothes by style and length. Hang blouses, cardigans, tank tops, and other longer pieces on the upper bar, and pants on the lower one.

Cabinets with glass doors

If you have a walk in closet, the best way to organize it is to install cabinets with glass doors. They will allow easy access to your clothing while allowing you to see what is stored inside. Glass panel cabinet doors are also a great choice because of their sleek, contemporary look. They will fit perfectly under the stairs as well. If you want a more dramatic effect, try installing a mirrored wall. This will give your closet a more spacious feel.

You can also put in storage shelves and a display area for your shoes. These items will give you the illusion of space while adding a luxurious feel to the space. There are even mirror contractors who can cut a mirror to fit into a part of the wall for you.

Another great way to organize a walk-in closet is to use under-stairs storage. It makes the closet look more organized and chic. Also, use glass display boxes to showcase your favorite items. You can also buy insertable purse pillows to keep your purses upright. Flowers and larger plants also make a nice addition to the room.

Adding shelves

The best way to organize walk-in closets is by adding extra shelves. This will allow you to rearrange them easily and make it easier to access your items. You should put everyday items on the lower shelves and save the top shelves for items you don’t need to reach often.

You can buy shelves that are adjustable or fixed to fit your walk-in closet. You can find them at your local hardware store or lumber store. When choosing shelves, ensure that they fit the dimensions of the wall and are sturdy and straight. Also, make sure that there is ample space between shelves for bulky items.

Another great way to organize walk-in closets is to add shelving to maximize the space available. Adding shelving can be as simple as adding a few floating shelves or adding a rack shelving unit. This can help you hang your clothes and put away smaller items. You can also add baskets and boxes to organize things on the shelves. You can also add pegboards or wire mesh frames to hang jewelry.