Home Organization Service Near Me

Hiring a home organization service near you can make a big difference in your home. It will help you de-clutter and stay organized, so you’ll have more time to enjoy your life. You’ll be much more comfortable with the process when you hire a professional organizer. You can ask the organizer if they’re certified, insured, and a member of professional organizations. You can also ask for references.

Serene Home

Serene Home is a New York-based organizing service. In addition to traditional services, the company also provides virtual organizing programs. The company’s founder is a clinical psychologist and certified Master KonMari practitioner. Additionally, Serene Home organizes estates and stages homes for real estate marketing.


Creating functional, intuitive organization solutions is the Horderly specialty. With their slick, intuitive methods, they maximize space in overcrowded areas, making life easier for their clients. They have even been dubbed magicians. Their organizational solutions are not only aesthetic, they’re also practical, making clients’ lives easier, more organized, and more enjoyable.

With offices in California and the Northeast, Horderly is flexible and can travel to most locations. The company also offers virtual consultations. A home organization service by Horderly will devise a customized solution for you based on your personal needs and style, and they’ll donate or dispose of unwanted items.

Horderly is a husband-and-wife duo that provides smart storage solutions for any room in your home. Their YouTube channel features organizing tips and direct links to their products. Horderly can also help you declutter by helping you organize your closet, office, or garage. They also offer virtual organizing services, such as organizing your home by using their organization software.

Done & Done Home

Done & Done Home is a professional home organization service. They specialize in decluttering, organizing, and unpacking services. The organization’s founders say their goal is to change lives by bringing order and organization to homes. They also offer services such as putting up artwork, installing shelving systems, and rearranging furniture. They also provide online courses that teach homeowners how to organize their homes more effectively.

A professional home organization service can help you sort through all of your clutter and determine what you should keep and donate. Then they will provide a customized action plan so you can move forward with your organization. A home organization service can make your home look better than it has ever been before.


Clutterbusters is an innovative home organization service. For just $166, you can get a two-hour home organization service, which will eliminate clutter and make your space look more spacious. Unlike other cleaning services, Clutterbusters uses containers, labels, and a keen eye for order to create a system for keeping your space clutter-free.

Clutterbusters offers consultations, as well as organized one-day or weekend organizing services. Prices are transparent and based on an hourly rate for a single organizer, including travel time and gas costs. Weekend and holiday organizing are available as well. Professional organizers have extensive training and knowledge of the psychology of getting organized.